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Stories of the Rescued Part 3

This is my favorite annual post. Why you may ask? Because it is so easy for me to find friends that rescue animals. I am surrounded by friends with big hearts and compassion but more importantly who understand these abandoned animals have so much love to give and how smart they are! Did you see the story of Sonic the rescue dog? Check it out!!

I’m traveling right now and I miss my kids like a crazy lady - anxiety attacks and all. They have changed my life more than I could ever change theirs…for real. Adopt. Rescue. Save a life. Please. 

Here are some facts.

  • Number of cats and dogs born every day in the U.S.: 70,000 (nearly 3,000 born every hour or 50 born every minute) - this is 25 million a year!
  • Number of stray cats and dogs living in the U.S.: 70 million
  • Number of animals in the U.S. that die each year from cruelty, neglect, and exploitation: 30 million
  • Number of cats and dogs entering U.S. shelters each year: 6–8 million
  • Number of cats and dogs euthanized by U.S. shelters each year: 3–4 million (nearly 10,000 animals killed every day)
  • Number of cats and dogs adopted by U.S. shelters each year: 3–4 million
  • Yearly cost to U.S. taxpayers to impound, shelter, euthanize, and dispose of homeless animals: $2 billion

My friend D’Lisa Shayn Khademi, owner of Salon D’Shayn in Phoenix, realized after her first rescue, her self-imposed  ”no pets, no plants, no kids!” rule was over. She now has 3 dogs now and they are all her kids! D’Lisa tells us each of their stories. 


Rescue Kid #1 Rouh aka Rouhface killer aka Roughbag American Bulldog approximate age 9 1/2.  Rouh was found by my husband’s roommate when he was only 6 months old. He was in pretty bad shape found under a bush in a park in Mesa. He had a broken leg, a severe sunburn, was dehydrated and had 73 cactus needles stuck in him. Jayson pulled all the needles out himself and took him to the vet. It was touch and go for a while and no one thought he was going to make it, but one day he just bounced up and was fine!


He is truly my husband’s kid and is just as laid back as him. All of our dogs know tricks and his is “sit pretty”. He can sit up on his hind legs and hold it until we give him a treat. He is also a lover of hugs. When I come home and ask him for a hug he will lay down on his back and put his paws around my neck and nuzzle me hello. He is amazing with children, other dogs and has all the patience in the world when puppies are around. He is the first dog I really felt a strong connection with and he started me on my love for dogs. 

Rescue Kid #2 Chaco aka Chaco Lil’ Bit, aka Chacopotamus Springer Spaniel approximate age 4. Chaco actually found us on a Super Bowl Sunday 3 1/2 years ago. Jayson came home from a Super Bowl party and when he got out of his car, Chaco came up to him, at the tender age of 6 months, jumped up, licked his face and the ran into the house and starting playing with Rouh. They were instant best friends and Rouh put up with Chaco’s boundless energy like any big brother would.


We walked around the neighborhood asking if anyone knew where he belonged. We ran into a group of young 20 somethings and one of them stated he thought he knew who owned it and the dog would be better off if we kept him. At this time Jayson was living in a small 2 bedroom condo with his brother and wasn’t sure if there was enough room. But after giving him a bath, his fur matted with poop, and sleeping on the idea he welcomed him into the pack. Jayson had been wanting another dog to keep Rouh company during the day while he was at work and we were planning on getting one when we moved in together. But of course the Universe stepped in and gave us Chaco. He is a bundle of energy and is totally hyper like me. He loves to cuddle and swim. He jumps in the pool almost daily when it is warm enough and swims laps. His trick is “UP!” While holding a treat we say UP and he springs into the air a few feet. Rouh is truly his best friend and they play and wrestle every day. Ginger Rose is his girlfriend when she wants to be and he likes to lick her all over, and I mean all over!

Rescue Kid #3 Miss Ginger Rose aka Meemers aka Meems Chihauhua approximate age 2 1/2. Ginger Rose is also another dog found in a parking lot. Eye witness testimony states a truck pulled into the parking lot of my salon at 7th Ave and McDowell, dumped her and drove away. She was seen trying to jump back up into the truck. She was very skittish, hiding under a car shaking and it took 4 of us to catch her. I actually lured her out by feeding her dog food out of my hand. Side note, I truly believe I willed her into our lives. Just that morning Jayson and I were watching the news and Petsmart was having an adopt-a-thon. The were showing a lot of pit bulls and Jayson is a total softy for them and he asked if we could get another dog. I firmly stated no, the house rule was only 2 dogs at a time, unless we got a cute Chihuahua! He said no to that, he didn’t like small, yippy dogs. Not even 3 hours later Miss Ginger entered our lives.


After getting her from under the car, I took her to our neighborhood vet to see if she was chipped and she wasn’t. We posted pictures on Facebook but no one claimed her. Within a few hours of her being with me I was in love and kept thinking to myself that she was going to be mine. I took her back to my house to show Jayson and see how she would interact with the other dogs. She was so laid back and calm! Rouh and Chaco where sweet and gentle with her. By the end of the evening I told Jayson we were keeping her.

I set up an appointment at the vet to have her checked out and that is when we found out she was pregnant. Not the greatest news but we rolled with it. She gave birth like a champ to 3 sweet pups, all girls, named Schmee, Meemers and Kevin (we swore one was going to be a boy)! Kevin didn’t make it but we have her ashes in a nice glass bottle on our mantle. The other 2 were adopted out to good homes.

She truly is the Princess of the household and Rouh and Chaco play with her as if she was as big as them totally holding her own. I have become a total small dog owner and dress her up and carry her in a purse. When I take out one of her outfits she knows that means we are going out and she does her happy dance. She has a few tricks and we are wanting to teach her more, she seems more apt to learn. Jayson even wants to build her a mini obstacle course. The first trick we taught her was her circus dance. We sing music you would here at a circus and she will stand on her hind legs and spin around. Next trick was “give me 5” where she uses one paw and gives a low five. Last trick is “give me 10” where we clap our hands together and she stands on her hind legs and high fives with both paws. Ah, I can’t get enough of her sweetness and she sleeps with me every night, usually in the crook of my arm.


I never thought I would love dogs so much, but these three are so amazing and loving that how could I not. I bet every parent says that about their kids! I know that we will never buy a dog, there are so many in need, we are so lucky that ours found us.


My girlfriend and fellow bunco “bitch” Dayna has spent years rescuing Yorkies. Mazie passed away this year. This is in dedication to her sweetness. 


I am a huge animal lover, especially dogs.  My heart is filled with overwhelming joy when I see a happy dog, and my heart aches when I see a dog in need.  

When I decided that my little Jake, a stray Yorkie who had been alone on the streets, needed a playmate I began searching rescue websites religiously.  I wanted to find another little dog because Jake only likes dogs his size or smaller (little man syndrome).  I ran across a picture of a little face with eyes that spoke to me.  From the first time I saw her eyes, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  She seemed so alone and desperate, yet cute as can be! 


I soon found that she was from a breeder.  My first instinct was to turn her away.  I was certain there were other dogs in greater need out there.  Something in her eyes wouldn’t let me.  I learned that she too had been bred once but the breeder had her fixed because it was too hard on her little 4.5lb body.  The breeder no longer had a need for her and she was of no use to them. They were willing to sell her for $600.  To put that into perspective, Yorkies   go for $1000-$5000+.  The breeder was giving her up for a mere $600, which included her airfare to me. Knowing this I made up my mind.  Not because it was good for my pocketbook, but because if they were willing to let her go for so little, I knew she wasn’t being treated well and needed a loving home.

When I picked Mazie up at the airport, her hair was down to the floor and I couldn’t see her pretty eyes.  She was a scared little thing, but such a sweetheart.  The minute I took her out of her crate and set her down outside to go potty, she ran in circles.  Over and over and over again.  And she never stopped.  The vet said she was kept in an area way too small causing her to run in circles.  How small is an area that’s too small for a 4.5lb dog?  She ran in circles up to her very last day.  Her circles created the nickname Crazy Mazie. 


As Mazie aged, she lost her site and her little body started getting weak.  She would run into walls and get stuck in corners not knowing how to move around things.  Her legs would give out on her as she would try to turn sideways.  So I would lay on the ground next her and she would find my face and give me sweet little kisses.  She was grateful and loving all through her life.

In March, I had to go visit my father who was ill with cancer.  Hours before I left to see him, he lost his battle.  Unfortunately, while there on the morning of March 20th, my husband called me and said he had bad news.  He took a deep breath and told me Mazie had passed away in her sleep.  My heart sunk.  I was so sad I lost her, and so extremely heartbroken that I wasn’t there to give her love in her last days.  My heart still aches.  I miss her so very much.


I was lucky enough to be Mazie’s mommy for ten years.  That little girl filled my heart with so much love and happiness.  What I would give to see my Crazy Mazie run in circles again.  I like to think she’s running circles around my Dad these days.

Helping a dog in need fills a heart with joy.  It teaches a heart unconditional love.  And it makes a mark on a heart forever.

Jersey and I rescued a cat last year. A male feral we now call Belly aka Belmont. We started seeing him lounging on my front patio last summer finding a cool place in the sweltering heat. Finally I told Jersey that we need to feed this poor guy. Well that pretty much sealed the deal. He came every day to be fed. It took him a while to trust us to where we could pet him but these days he will meow and let us know he wants some attention. 
We wanted to be sure Belly wasn’t roaming the neighborhood making babies so we inquired to a local nonprofit that provided us a cage to catch him and took him to be spayed. He was mad for a bit but nowadays I think he is considering coming inside! 

We have forgotten what rocks, plants, and animals still know. We have forgotten how to be. — Eckhart Tolle


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