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Photo by @trevortraynor at Machu Picchu, Peru: “I remember the journey the most. The long, dark, and humid hike to the ancient Inca ruins. By 5 a.m. I stood in the clouds almost 8,000 feet above sea level.” #machupicchu #peru #takemethere (at Machu Picchu)

Desert landscape in the Superstition Mountains #locomotion #hiking #desert #superstitionmountains #arizona

Abundant cactus in Superstition Mountains #locomotion #desert #cactus #arizona #mountains #landscape

#tbt feeding stray island dogs in Bora Bora #locomotion #borabora #islanddogs #rescue #islands #straydogs #adopt

Dreams of Writing, Blogging and Cooking

I’m newly infatuated with Emily Gould, blogger and author who is known to make fantastic meals. Did I mention she is also a fellow yogi? Emily became famous for being an early adopter of blogging while working at Gawker a media-gossip website. Some say she single-handedly created the art of blogging.


I’ve had dreams of writing a book, even going so far to take writing classes at the local community college. The outcome was a 100+ pages of black words on white paper. I discovered I have little color when it comes to writing. I’ve also dreamed of making a living off blogging. But these remain just dreams. Emily appears to be living my dream. (I should also mention that I have a friend from high school that is also living my writing and cooking dream.)

After reading a piece on Emily in Vogue last month promoting her new book Friendship, I’ve been obsessively watching her web series “Cooking the Books” where she interviews authors while cooking or baking food that may have appeared in the book being discussed. She is so endearing and quirky in the series. With my latest cooking obsession these ten minute interviews in a kitchen somewhere in New York City make me even more envious. 

One of the episodes spotlights her first book And the Heart Says Whatever. She is interviewed by a friend who appears in one of the essays as they make breakfast sandwiches which appear as hangover food in the book. Check it out. 


My infatuation continued as I found out the title of the book came from a Stevie Nicks song “Think About It” from her Bella Donna album. Stevie makes frequent appearances on my blog in her 70s rock and roll style. Love her. 

You know you have made it when you can get Jennifer Egan in your kitchen to discuss her Pulitzer Prize winning book A Visit from the Goon Squad. Hearing them chat about approaches to story telling fascinates me and makes me wish for that color I lack. 

I was a bit puzzled after reading this book why it won the Pulitzer. I found some of the characters unnecessary and the story line never really drew me in. But I loved her book Look at Me that I read last summer. I could barely put it down. 


If I could go back to my youth and select my undergrad all over again I would pick journalism with a minor in cooking. And here is Stevie Nicks to remind of us what being young was all about. 

Speaking of food, we had a lot of new flavors and meals for our palate while traveling to Portugal and Morocco this year. We are always inspired when we get home to try them in our kitchen. 

Moroccan mint tea with crepes. We picked up some of this tea at the local Persian market. 


Veggies in a Moroccan tagine and the best Codfish, Potatoes and Onion dish in Portugal. The Portuguese dish is called Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa. When I ordered it I was expecting fish and potatoes - like separate -  but this creamy dish melted in my mouth! 


The Moroccan salads feast we had was so amazing I bought a book and have made a couple of the salads already. The presentation alone made me hungry. 


After spending long days on the beach in the Canary Islands, we would head over to the local deli and make our own feast back at our room. Spanish sardines, olives, cheeses and anchovy spreads with bread. Nothing soothes a sunburn like some good food  . ..  and of course wine.


Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” — Dalai Lama


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