#tbt my first beauty Daisy …#snicks #soulmates #greatdane #greatdanes #dogs #pets

#tbt our big baby Prada when she could fit in a chair! #snicks #greatdanes #dogs #pets #rip #greatdane

#tbt our first rescue…Cecelia. She was a dear…xo #snicks #chihuahua #adopt #dogs #pets #rescue

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I was there the moment you took your first breath and I promise to be there the moment you take your last.

Can everyone please keep Ozzie in your prayers, as some of you may know he was born with a sickness that all vets,university’s and even Australias best and biggest equine and foal specialists can not figure out what it is. Yesterday his latest blood results came back showing his red blood cell count has dropped a huge amount and the specialists thought it was a blood test from a dead horse, he is a very very sick baby and having already cost us over $15,000 in the past year and no answers we are running out of options

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Top Five Reasons Iris is Amazing:

5. She is obedience trained, and gets a free in-home training session when she’s adopted, too!

4. She is gorgeous. Do you know how hard it is to pull off a bandana AND pearls?!

3. She loves to play! If you like to go jogging or hiking, Iris is your girl.

2. You could drown in her beautiful eyes.

1. She will be a loyal and loving companion that nobody can top!

If you can’t wait to count all the ways Iris is going to love you, contact the Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Center in Phoenix, AZ, at 602-791-5917 or standingproudpitbullrescue@gmail.com.

Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes and vegan sausage for dinner…yes it was as good as it looks!! #epicure #vegan #meatless #vegetarian #breakfastfordinner #dinner #recipes